Pioneering rewards for loyalty

Powerful motivation

Reward and retention in sports venues is at the heart of what we do, and we do it with a model that brings more profits to the venue than conventional plans.

Traditional loyalty schemes require partner businesses pay a proportion of the sale value, normally reflected as points to encourage and retain engaged fans.

With TeamCard, this process is enhanced by the very nature of the partner businesses relationship with their club, this then becomes an emotive incentive rather than just a commercial one.

This is a much more powerful motivation to engage with partner businesses and, of course, all of this activity is funded by the partners who pay the club for every point awarded.

Enhancing fan retention

While fans can earn points in and of outside the venue, they can only redeem the value of those points at the venue.

This drives all related commercial activity back to source, and reinforces the emotive connection – enhancing membership retention.

The TeamCard mobile app

In order to let members earn points both inside and outside of the venue, we have created the TeamCard mobile app.

The app provides a cardholder instant access to all their TeamCard activity, including loyalty points balance, attendances and other related information.

This data is then available to cardholders through the MyTeamCard website, which provides club-branded and personalised pages.

Financial benefits

You’ll have complete autonomy to negotiate points’ rates with partners and set their internal rewards, meaning that members’ discount schemes can be replaced with points-per-pound of spend.

Where previously discounts came off the retail price and the value walks out the door, with TeamCard points, retail prices and the perception of value to the members are maintained. In addition, the points can only be redeemed at the venue, driving associated sale of merchandise and tickets.

If you would like to talk to us about your venue access control requirements, please get in touch

Fan handing over TeamCard
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