Statement from our Managing Director, Mr Randal McLister:

“We are all facing the biggest challenge of our time with the COVID-19 emergency.

None of us will be left untouched or unchanged by the experience of the coming weeks.

At STG TeamCard we are determined to maintain our services and support for all of our customers.

We will observe all the necessary hygiene and behavioural recommendations whilst maintaining contact with each other and our customers.

Our phones will be answered, emails responded to and solutions maintained.

I don’t know how long this situation will last. But I do know that when we all pull in the same direction and remain positive – we can deliver to the highest standards and that is our objective.

May I wish all our customers and suppliers (our friends) the very best and look forward to coming out the other side of this experience safely and optimistic for a better future.”

Smart venue access management that brings added value.

Venue Access Control tailored for:

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Giving crowds access.
Giving you valuable data.

When it comes to venue access control and membership systems, TeamCard is the industry benchmark. Our pioneering ideas and unrivalled, flexible technology, partnered with world-class support, enables fast, smart, and secure governance of the entry and exit to your venue.

Based on a macro and micro view of your visitors’ activity, TeamCard converts large crowds into detailed portraits of real customers. This process generates tangible, real-time data which, as well as simply allowing control of access and eliminating fraud, can be segmented and used to add value, create loyalty and build retention of members and visitors as they enjoy what is also the UK’s most successful sports loyalty program.

Team Card Access Control

Latest News

  • TWENTY YEAR MILESTONEThe latest generation of our solution TeamCard3 with the new F6 readers went live at Stamford Bridge on the 5th of December 2020. I wondered why that date stuck in my mind, I then recalled that it was on the 5th of December 2000 that TeamCard went live at the then Reebok Stadium, Bolton. Both occasions were ground-breaking in their own way. The Reebok deployment was the first use of a smart card for stadium access control in the UK....Read More
  • Crowds return to Stamford Bridge The Fans Return…Along with the rest of the world, STG/TeamCard are delighted with recent events that have witnessed the controlled return of fans to sporting arenas and venues. This is especially pleasing considering the very successful inaugural use of TeamCard3 at Stamford Bridge on the 5th December 2020. Easy set-up, a smooth visitor experience for the fans, instant & easy to read displays (PC, tablet & mobile) and a full suite of comprehensive post-match reports were afforded thanks to the combination of...Read More
  • Trusted Venue The Trusted VenueStakeholders of any given venue have always had a challenge during events to get a clear picture of everyone who is in at their venue on the day. Those in attendance may include the ticketed public, accredited contractors, employees and of course players with coaching staff. There are a range of separate technologies used to grant entitlement to attend dependent upon an individual’s status. This includes systems for public ticketing, accreditation and staff attendance solutions, most using separate access control...Read More

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