A competitive tender to service both Hull City AFC and Hull FC rugby club.

The challenge

During 2011/12 the Stadium Management Company (SMC) based at the KC Stadium were looking for a solution that would enhance both the member experience and the efficiency of the club operations.

The solution

We decided to deliver a venue elastic solution to identify, engage and reward their customer base through our loyalty features.

Specifically, every interaction the members would have at the club would be recorded and rewarded, including all contacts made at touchpoints from entry gates to retail POS, hospitality and externally with club sponsors and community partners.

This data would then be collected reported in the ‘Pro-contact’ segmentation tools, and repurposed into targeted outbound campaigns to stimulate further engagement. TeamCard also integrated with the incumbent CRM supplier to feed data via an API for its analysis and reports.

The results

The scheme has now been extended to embrace Hull FC Rugby club – the other stadium tenant.

Further scheme expansion plans are underway to introduce points-based payments within the concourse, delivering Ecash type efficiency while also bringing in points rather than cash, to stimulate further participation.

We’re also delighted to say that the client has since willingly endorsed the solution and our company to others.


Martin Conley, IT Manager
Carol Taylor, Ticket Office Manager

If you would like to talk to us about your venue access control requirements, please get in touch

Hull City AFC football club badge
Hull FC Rugby badge

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