Technical Team Advancement

To continue to excel within the ever-changing technical landscape, TeamCard have announced a progression of their Technical group, ensuring absolute focus on the onward development and deployment capability of their flagship TeamCard Access 3 Platform.

Within a new senior management structure, Vic Leitch assumes the role of “Head of Development”, with Alasdair Macdonald assuming a newly created role of “Head of Data”.

Both these roles report directly to Dave Robb as “Technical Director” on the Board of STG/TeamCard.

Alasdair will continue to provide key Tier 3 technical support to our clients but will also assume responsibility for data and data integrity across the product.

He will also help define and implement the ongoing innovations required in our deployment, upgrade and maintenance processes.

Vic will be responsible for the management and delivery of new TeamCard projects, and continue to deliver our “Trusted Venue” solution.

He will also continue to be the driving force in application development for the company. Members of the development team will report to Vic.

Steve Saunders also receives a much-deserved promotion to the vacated slot of Development Manager and will coordinate the development team in its ongoing focus of delivering new and exciting additions to our TeamCard product lines.

Our team continues to expand, and so we also welcome a new seasoned developer to our team, Alan Seath, who brings with him key skills and experience to enhance our group.The technical team have significant and exciting tasks ahead of them and we are confident this new management infrastructure with well-defined roles and responsibilities are a key step to our continued future success.

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