World’s most prestigious golf tournament first to deploy TeamCard’s cloud-based architecture

Over 60,000 golf fans (60,000 daily transactions over seven days) gained access to the Le Golf National in Guyancourt last September using state-of-the-art access control technology that already manages some of the world’s largest stadia and arenas.

Delivered by TeamCard, the new secure cloud-based architecture makes it possible for major tournaments to easily deploy the solution to manage a diverse range of public events using the latest technology available.

TeamCard’s Randal McLister explains, “TeamCard’s access control and engagement solutions are long established with a range of clients that include Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, The Jockey Club’s 15 national racecourses or the MCC’s Lords Cricket Ground. In the last three years we have totally re-imagined our latest solution TeamCard-3

Our new solution utilises a combination of the latest technologies including; publish & subscribe data distribution from internet-of-things, android processors in all readers and cloud-hosting thereby removing the out-dated server architecture. This delivers a robust and efficient technology, that can be deployed and managed centrally to almost any location, with superb security and resilience.

Already the Company have converted eight of their existing clients to the new solution and have won a competitive tender to deliver the solution to the highest profile client in the football world (more on this later). This latest solution from TeamCard is undoubtedly a game-changer in terms of how modern events will be staged and managed. They have preserved and updated the way in which dynamic data is delivered to be used by organisers and security teams to monitor all aspects of their event in real time. This sets the stage for the company to take their product to a more diverse range of clients on the international stage.

Today’s world-class event organisers and stadia want to do everything they can to ensure the fans attending the events they manage get the safe and satisfying experience they deserve
continues Randal.

Over the tournament’s three days, TeamCard’s system processed over 180,000 venue visits at Le Golf National in Guyancourt, Paris with 100% success.

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