STG Technology Group continues to grow

Like many other business organisations, April is the time of year when we look back on the previous twelve months to see how we’ve done from both an accounting and strategic point of view.

We are pleased to say it’s our seventh consecutive year of growth, despite having just come through the worst recession in living memory.

On the business front; we’ve added four new sports stadiums to our client list and have enjoyed another year of growth with our client Leisure Pass Group, deploying the world leading LPOS visitor pass system in more new cities internationally, with further deployments imminent.

On the accounting front; our turnover, profits and reserves have all improved this year, whilst our liabilities have decreased.

We’ve seen new technology development in almost every aspect of what we do, from City Pass to TeamCard, probably the most visible aspect of this is the increased use of mobile technology in our solutions.

However, we are never complacent about our progress and we know that it is all about keeping our customers happy, providing solutions that do “what it says on the tin” and delivering the best possible service we can.

May we wish all our customers a prosperous year and thank you for your faith in what we do.

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