FC Business Magazine supports the case for TeamCard Loyalty

In a recent FC Business Magazine newsletter, Aaron Gourley, FCBM’s Head of Distribution, commented on the current state of ‘The Economics of Football’ and in the process, made the argument for why more and more clubs should be turning to TeamCard.

In the newsletter, Aaron points out, For consumers and football fans alike, the financial pressures on everyday life are reducing the disposable income they have. The likely response for 2011 will be a consumer that is ever more discerning on where and when they spend their cash and will seek quality and best value in equal measures. Coercing that spare cash from pockets will be tough. Fans are the life blood of the club, but to buy a ticket for the game, a replica shirt, a pie and a pint has become an increasingly expensive luxury. The inertia of the past must be replaced with a dynamic display of innovation by clubs.

With the increase of the VAT, rising inflation and general financial doom and gloom dominating the headlines, for many organisations ‘fan commitment’ becomes more a matter of ‘customer retention’. So, how do clubs entice the precious pennies from their followers and retain their support? One way is to reward them for that support.

The TeamCard loyalty platform was created to provide our clients with a customer retention strategy through a system that not only helps reduce the cost for supporters but drives return business and increased revenue back to the club door.

As with all our solutions, we have a major point of difference. TeamCard clients can offer their supporters a double reward opportunity. In addition to being rewarded for their trade in the club outlets, we provide a client-branded Web-Mall; a compilation of hundreds of the UK’s best known retail sites. So, TeamCard holders get rewarded for purchases made with the club and for their entire internet spend – with all redemption driven back to the club.

With the current state of economics in football, and everywhere else, customer retention is paramount to sustained business success.

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