Visitor data that can make a real difference to your brand, and your income

Having pioneered stadium access solutions over the last 25 years, TeamCard has consistently delivered innovative technology that has kept pace , and often led, the strategic needs of our clients.

Today we’re at the forefront of venue access control, providing solutions for national sports bodies and some of the largest stadiums in the country.

Whether you’re looking to increase your income, brand loyalty, safety, merchandising sales or sponsorship opportunities, TeamCard encompasses every part of your audience and puts you in control.

With complete data capture and reporting, you can see where visitors enter your venue, who’s in front / behind them, what time and with what type of ticket – you can also see when and what merchandise they’ve purchased.

This rich source of data means you can create tailored retention strategies and compelling incentives.

Gloucester Rugby fans cheering
TeamCard for retail

The benefits:

For your venue

A full suite of management reports are available instantly to authorised stakeholders

Queues can be optimised centrally by adjusting timings between cardholders passing through the turnstiles, this is a feature incorporated in the TeamCard head units

You can drive ticket sales using better intelligence and promotions

An improved customer experience, encourages loyalty and retention

Dynamic, real time behavioural data enables fast reaction to circumstances to make changes instantaneously, such as selling upgrades on the day

The access system can be adapted for different levels such as corporates, VIP and staff ingress

TeamCard can be deployed or integrate with areas such as car parks and other external or temporary areas

Our gate technology can be manned or unmanned depending on your needs

Our intuitive displays deliver clear, simple graphical and numeric summaries of venue through-put

TeamCards informative displays empowers staff at every level in the venue to be fully informed and therefore equipped to deal with situations confidently

Registering and capturing such detailed information about all your customers types, can provide greater leverage when negotiating future sponsorship deals

For your customers

Improving their venue experience make your customers feel valued and appreciated

Acknowledging your customers' loyalty can be given a personal touch

Your customers will appreciate being seen as real people and having their ongoing commitment rewarded with offers tailored to their preference

Eliminating fraud makes customers less resentful of the cost of their support

Real time restrictions on undesirable customers makes for a safer, more positive atmosphere at your venue

For your partners

TeamCard allows you to accurately segment thousands of people and target them appropriately

Access to real-time, tangible and useable behavioural data including; activities, preferences, spending habits, time and location

By segmenting this data to create targeted and appropriate messages, conversion rates are increased

All seamlessly implemented

Our flexible technology has been designed from the ground up specifically for venue access control and integrates seamlessly into existing hardware and software.

At every step from deployment to support, we deliver a first-class, sector-leading solution all the way.

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