TeamCard and the beautiful game.

While we help manage stadium traffic, which is vital when managing crowds in excess of 20,000 through your turnstiles, we also enable stadiums to record every possible interaction a fan can have with their club. This information can provide your venue with a unique insight into customer behaviour.

While fans can feel abused by the high prices of clubs, TeamCard allows fans to feel like their loyalty is being both acknowledged, and rewarded as they receive offers that have been tailored to their needs.

With our effective and efficient venue access control solutions, TeamCard has now become a part of both fan and industry terminology.

If you would like to talk to us about your venue access control requirements, please get in touch

Team Card Access Control

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Stoke City FC

After a lengthy tender and selection process from all the major suppliers in this sector we decided to proceed with STG and the TeamCard Access membership and Loyalty system.

Ultimately their product and vision for where the product was going to be in three to five years was the difference for Stoke City football club. It also helped that TeamCard had a very good existing integration with our Ticketing system SEE360 at a number of sports clubs.

The implementation process was seamless and TeamCard ensured every milestone in the project plan was met and on time.   My experiences to date are very positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the system and the team behind the system to anyone.

We look forward to maintaining our excellent partnership and remain happy knowing we are looked after by a safe pair of hands.

Josh Whittaker-Vyse,  Ticket Office Manager

If you would like to talk to us about your venue access control requirements, please get in touch

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