Catering to unique scenarios

TeamCard was designed with the the world of sports clubs and team membership, and its many unique and complex scenarios in mind, with both market-leading ethos and technology

Some of our achievements include:

  • Developing PocketScan specifically for sports clubs with events that aren’t ticket-based
  • Working with athletics clubs to help them gain funding
  • Creating judo membership cards logging individual attainment levels

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TeamCard’s PocketScan app

TeamCard’s PocketScan Attendance App is a cost-effective event management device that rewards attendance, engages sponsors and provides comprehensive reporting on all related activity.

Enabling clubs to record attendance at events outside fixed venues, PocketScan makes the most of TeamCard’s powerful reward technology but implements it on the move. For example, a training day outside of the club can now be recorded and logged.

The Android app allows the user to scan any TeamCard using the devices camera, and records the cardholder’s visit or participation in the TeamCard Membership System.

If there is no signal or internet connection when the card is presented, the app stores the attendance details and automatically uploads the information when the device is next online. TeamCard’s central database then generates reports covering points such as:

  • Who attended an event
  • Attendance by time
  • Sponsors’ summary report on participation
  • Participation evidence to support budget requests


The biggest challenge in athletics is gaining funding.

Where TeamCard helps is by allowing access to hard numbers, and demonstrating membership participation in order to build a solid business case.

We helped address athletics’ challenges in a number of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Creating a central database across all disciplines with membership cards
  • Measuring attendance at events and training with the PocketScan mobile app
  • Rewarding members with loyalty points for embracing retail partners
  • Collecting valuable data for allocating funding and resources where they are most needed


TeamCard created British Judo members’ cards with individual levels of attainment. The card recorded a member’s progress, and allowed accumulation of reward points for purchases on-line and other eligible activities.

As well as this, attendance and training participation was recorded using TeamCard’s PocketScan, which was used by coaches on a simple mobile App.


The Lawn Tennis Association issued every registered player with a TeamCard Membership. The card was used to accumulate reward points for purchases on-line and other eligible activities. The points could then be used for purposes such as:

  • redemption of reward points against merchandise
  • allocation of reward points towards a preferred sports charity
  • donation of reward points to their home club

Additionally, participation in training was recorded using our PocketScan app for mobiles.

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