Understanding your members.

What are your visitors doing?

While controlling visitor management and movement in your venue, TeamCard also captures data on your visitors, with detailed information on every aspect of their activity.

This information is presented in an easy to digest report, showing everything from attendance, to stadium ingress efficiency, and even purchases made at the venue, and externally.

Get to know your fans

The intelligence that TeamCard provides will help you build a better experience for your visitors, and offer your partners a more effective, insight-led chance to talk to your members.

The information itself is stored in a secure ‘database instance’ within TeamCard that’s bespoke to each venue.

Control your data

With your authorisation, staff can access your visitor data with individual permissions and privileges.

With our venue access control system, reports can be easily pulled together, allowing you to segment your visitors and tailor your offers and messages to them. This can encourage retention, further engagement, and enhanced revenues.

Working with your CRM

For clients that have their own CRM solution, TeamCard can integrate with your existing venue access control systems, and allow them to access the TeamCard database.

This means that as well as having segmented TeamCard reports, you can also combine TeamCard data with the data from your existing system when creating reports.

If you would like to talk to us about your venue access control requirements, please get in touch

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