Ecash can add value and improve service.

Ecash can be a game changer for many venues in terms of the speed of service and reduced cash handling costs.

TeamCard can accommodate several methods of implementing an Ecash solution into your venue access control solution.

EPOS local account

The provision of a TeamCard API to the EPOS supplier links a card to a member, and enables that card to be used as the unique identifier for a ‘local account’ method of payment, which is managed and accounted within the EPOS system.

Loyalty currency

With loyalty currency members can purchase TeamCard points, which along with any previously earned reward points can be used to pay for goods in the concourse and shops of your venue.

TeamCard can also merge an ECash system with the loyalty currency, streamlining your members’ experience.

Bank and EMV Ecash

TeamCard has worked with many of the main financial institutions to create EMV compatible Ecash solutions. This means that the chip in the TeamCard is effectively merged with the banking payment component.

There are several web and mobile options for members to top-up their Ecash online, and TeamCard can provide dedicated card readers seamlessly integrated with the EPOS equipment. Alternatively, there are a range of APIs that can be embedded into the EPOS equipment.

TeamCard also has operational interfaces with all of the leading EPOS suppliers, and have the expertise to work with other payment providers, as well as working with catering suppliers to deliver a joined-up approach to the solution to suit the client.

If you would like to talk to us about your venue access control requirements, please get in touch

TeamCard hanging out of wallet

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