STG Scotcomms Technology Group

STG Technology Group continues to grow

Like many other business organisations, April is the time of year when we look back on the previous twelve months to see how we’ve done from both an accounting and strategic point of view. We are pleased to say it’s our seventh consecutive year of growth, despite having just come through the worst recession in living memory. On the business front; we’ve added four new sports stadiums to our client list and have enjoyed another year of growth with our…

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MyTeamCard mobile screen

The Next Evolution of TeamCard Loyalty

TeamCard Loyalty is evolving. In line with online trends and changes to customer requirements, the TeamCard loyalty platform is heading to the next level, including the launch of a brand new TeamCard APP, available on iOS and Android! The APP will give cardholders the chance to keep up with all TeamCard related activity. The TeamCard APP will feature cardholder points’ balances and points related spend activity, match and event attendance, as well as tickets and entitlements not yet used. We’re…

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Britannia Stadium

Stoke City host latest TeamCard Forum

Scotcomms recently held the latest in a series of TeamCard forums, this year gathering Ticket Office Managers from across our client clubs to share their news and views on the TeamCard system. Held at Stoke City Football Club, the forum was designed to create an opportunity for department managers to share the various ways in which they have successfully utilised the TeamCard platform. Though the day’s discussions centred predominantly upon the use of Members cards for access, Stoke City Marketing…

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Stoke City Fans

Stoke City engaging with fans, through TeamCard

How do you take nearly 40 thousand fans and turn them into known, interactive customers? By using TeamCard. Stoke City Football Club are applying the power of TeamCard to engage with fans on a whole new level. Since season start, Stoke City have enrolled over thirty-eight thousand new members by offering an automatically generated membership to all fans who buy any tickets or merchandise from the club. Using the TeamCard system, the club is able to effectively turn passive Potters…

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Hull TeamCard Designs

Hat trick in Hull

With the addition of Hull FC Rugby League and Hull City AFC Tigers to the client roster, TeamCard has completed a hat trick in Hull. Including long standing client Hull Kingston Rovers, the TeamCard solution is now in operation in the city’s three leading clubs at both the KC Stadium and KC Lightstream Stadium. The KC Stadium boasts an impressive 25K + capacity and unique parkland setting, making it a world class venue. The TeamCard infrastructure is now well established…

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Sheffield Wednesday membership cards

Triple points promotion at Sheffield Wednesday – a huge success!

Sheffield Wednesday fans were treated to a recent Match Day Triple Points promotion, held at the Owls Megastore at Hillsborough Stadium. With an offering of three times the normal points award, Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holders, members and foundation members were able to earn 15 points with every £1 spent. The promotion resulted in an increase in sales of 55% over the previous match day. The benefits of a points incentive such as this are three-fold; Supporters are recognised and…

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Millwall Football Club shirt

Clubs boost registration numbers with TeamCard Christmas promotions

Christmas is a time of giving – and receiving. Many TeamCard clubs are embracing the giving spirit this year by offering their members the chance to pick up some post-Christmas swag. One lucky Millwall FC supporter, for example, will be receiving a one-of-a-kind signed jersey this holiday season, along with 2500 TeamCard points, simply for having registered their TeamCard before the end of the 2013. Many clubs take advantage of the festive spending frenzy by promoting the value-add of TeamStreet…

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Man holding a TeamCard card

Stadium-based ECash – Implementation Options & Myths

Electronic cash or ECash in the form of a stored value on a card has been discussed in professional sports for many years. The benefits of faster service without cash handling have always been the obvious attractions. However, it remains a ‘slow-burn’ issue in the sector, primarily due to the confusion over how it can be implemented and several myths about the security requirements. In this paper we examine the background to the technology, the difference between ECash in a…

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Card Media: Smart Vs. Barcode

It may be highly controversial for the company who first put smart cards into football in 2000, to deliver their third generation product using barcoded cards rather than RFID smart cards. Could it be that smart cards aren’t that smart after all; in this paper we outline the case for this pragmatic change of strategy. Why smart cards came about in sport: Initially smart cards were selected for this sector because most IT systems were off-line and what was needed…

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Chelsea Football Club Museum entrance

Loyalty Points Vs. Discounting

In this paper, the case for the economic benefits of using a loyalty scheme as opposed to a discount incentive is examined. In terms of loyalty to a brand, sports organisations have an unassailable advantage over other commercial entities, such as supermarkets, for the simple reason that a sports brand delivers an emotive relationship, where a supermarket simply retains a commercial one. However, maintaining commercial loyalty internally at a sports club is still a challenge as the off- pitch attraction…

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