Ipswich Town Football Club Upgrade To TEAMcard3!

We are delighted to confirm that after a comprehensive market scoping process to review current access control technologies available, Ipswich Town Football Club have decided to upgrade their infrastructure to our market leading TEAMcard3 access control solution.

TEAMcard Chief Executive Officer Mr Malcolm Peden commented:

“It is with enormous pleasure that we have extended our long term association with Ipswich Town Football club and TEAMcard are honoured to be chosen as a key supplier to such a historically significant club.

We look forward to providing the optimum fan experience for access to Portman Road and are very excited to be involved with Ipswich Town FC in delivering an access control solution to match the Clubs aspirational ambitions.

Designed specifically for the sports sector and utilising a combination of both the latest Android and cloud based technologies, we believe TEAMcard3 to be the world’s very best venue access control solution and we look forward to future-proofing the club’s matchday technology whilst enhancing the fan experience in terms of seamless access and intuitive mobile technology.”

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