The Trusted Venue

Stakeholders of any given venue have always had a challenge during events to get a clear picture of everyone who is in at their venue on the day. Those in attendance may include the ticketed public, accredited contractors, employees and of course players with coaching staff.

There are a range of separate technologies used to grant entitlement to attend dependent upon an individual’s status. This includes systems for public ticketing, accreditation and staff attendance solutions, most using separate access control systems, often at separate entrances.

The net result is a full venue on event day with no single view of who, what, why and where individuals are. This fragmented situation at a venue can resemble a leaky colander, which makes management and security a real challenge that can be easily overwhelmed in the event of any emergency.

Our vision at STG TeamCard is the “Trusted Venue” whereby we interface with accreditation, public ticketing, and staff management systems to present a single consolidated view on our TeamCard dashboards. This, combined with the use of the latest access technology available, starts to close the gaps to give a true picture of everyone in the venue.

We appreciate that there are challenges in presenting access control processes to some VIP’s, players and visiting dignitaries. To address this, we have a range of reading options such a passive long-range UHF scanning, handheld scanners and fixed manned/unmanned readers, all compatible with the full range of ticketing options from smart card, UHF, QR codes to NFC mobile.

We have also considered the biometric dimension with the addition of camera technology in our new F6 readers. The requirement for enhanced ID on entry to mass attended events has been under consideration for some time – Teamcard3 is ready.

With escalating security requirements combined with the current Covid19 crisis, there is even more need to identify and introduce further attendance checking. The Trusted Venue addresses this and starts to make sense as the logical way forward.

We are currently deploying our latest technology in the form of TeamCard3 which is the key component for the Trusted Venue. As pioneers of the access control sector, we firmly believe that this represents the future of mass attended events and makes them safer for all.

Contact us to find out more.

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