Access Control and emerging digital ticketing media

As the world of sport starts to emerge from the Covid crisis the inexorable advance in technology continues not least of which in ticketing. There is an ongoing decline in physical tickets in favour of digital ticketing media and the public expectation of simple, secure delivery of tickets to their mobile phone, continues to grow.

TeamCard have prepared for this by recognising the convergence of People, their Environment and Technology and building-in this inevitability to their latest TeamCard 3 solution capable of reading every form of media whether legacy paper and plastic, or digital QR and NFC.

We have also created a new NFC TeamPass Service to assist legacy ticketing solutions convert traditional tickets into secure “NFC tokens” that are ready to send to their customer mobiles.

Our latest access readers, whether fixed or portable, read every media currently in the sports marketplace which includes:

Contactless smart cards, 1D & 2D (QR) barcodes and NFC contactless mobile tokens.

Please feel free to contact TeamCard and take the complexity out of emerging technologies with proven solutions that have always been ahead of the game. 

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