An Access Control Response to Covid-19

As the world moves towards the easing of restrictions during this global pandemic, we are working on behalf of our clients and supporting the inevitable operational challenges ahead.

We have always prided ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and we’ve been busy preparing for what may lie ahead in terms of having to adapt TeamCard to meet the future demands placed upon our client venues. Our team have been examining options to add a new “health” dimension to meet recommended best practice. The selected methodology to meet this new era, could be achieved with a combination of several processes including:

  • Using data from thermal imaging cameras
  • Interoperability with a state-wide mobile health-App
  • Social distancing changes to the ingress pace controlled by our readers

Our route to deliver this within our “Trusted Venue” solution will be determined not only by legislation, but also be in line with our client’s own strategies. To outline our approach, our Technical Director Dr David Robb has prepared a White Paper on this subject.

We take great pride in working with our clients in true partnership and if we can support your business during this challenging time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Read White Paper here…

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