TeamCard comments on the Government proposed “Protect Duty” on public venues

Security Minister James Brokenshire launched plans to introduce a law which will require owners and operators of public spaces and venues to put in place measures to keep the public safe from a terrorist attack.

Delivering on their manifesto commitment to improve the safety and security of public venues and spaces, the new ‘Protect Duty’ will reflect lessons learned following the terrorist attacks in 2017, as well as more recent attacks.

This may mean an insistence on physical security, delivery of training, incident response plans and exercises for staff on what to do during an attack.

But are these measures reactive, rather than preventative?

As a pioneer of the stadium Access Control sector, STG TeamCard has advocated since the late 90’s the requirement for large venues to deploy Access Control technology.

Founder and Managing Director Randal McLister commented:

“Our TeamCard “Trusted Venue” is not just to prevent fraud, or check a ticket on entry; It’s to identify who has the ticket, which entrance was used, who was in front and behind each entrant, when did they come in and when synchronised with CCTV, where they go once inside the venue.

A venue with the TeamCard access control solution has in effect a full audit of who, what, when and where regarding their event attendance. This is a mission critical component to affect a secure environment and provide invaluable data should an unfortunate incident occur.

The TeamCard Trusted Venue is no longer a “nice to have solution” for the large venues, it is now a “must have solution” for all public venues to fulfil the governments “Protect Duty” objectives.”

For further information on TeamCard products & services, please contact:

Lee Slater
Sales Manager
Tel: 07507 333488

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