Everyone’s a Winner with TeamCard!

As the dust settles on another football season, we at TeamCard would like to say thanks to all our football clients.

As the song goes “We’ll Support You Ever More!” No matter whether the season has brought success or disappointment we’re glad we’ve been there for you.

On-field things may have halted for a few weeks, but we know it’s not the same for those who provide the stage for the players to perform on and the foundations that allow the supporters to enjoy their matchday experience.

Over the next few weeks we at TeamCard will be providing new season cards, assisting with card printing, testing the access systems in readiness for the new season and enhancing the TeamCard system so it stays at the top of the table for stadium access control.

We’ve a lot of exciting new projects over the next few months. Like a successful football club, we have to be creative, organised, constantly looking for improvement and investing in the future.

Burnley win the Championship 2016Congratulations again to the TeamCard pair, Burnley and Hull City Tigers for making it to the Premier League. To them and all our other football clients, good luck for the forthcoming season.

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