On the rise, with TeamCard

With the rise to the Sky Bet Championship, Brentford Football Club is investing both on and off the field to ensure Bees fans have the best possible experience this season, including the introduction of TeamCard. Scotcomms Technology Group, working alongside Advanced Ticketing, will launch the TeamCard Access and Membership system at Brentford’s home ground, Griffin Park, in time for season start. TeamCard’s access system will integrate with TALENT Sport, Advanced Ticketing’s ecommerce ticketing platform to introduce paperless ticketing to Brentford for the first time.

Season ticket holders will gain access to the park using their Brentford Season TeamCard, rather than paper tickets, as issued in previous seasons. Members, too, will receive cards that will allow them to purchase tickets online at the Brentford ticketing website and add their access entitlement to that card. The TeamCard access system will provide a new level of security and swift entry for fans, on what are sure to be very busy match days.  The integration between the two systems will allow fans safe and secure access based on data held within TALENT Sport.

Mark Devlin, Brentford FC Chief Executive, said:

“This year we have seen a record number of supporters buy Season Tickets and we are set to welcome many of English football’s finest names to Griffin Park. The Club has been making investments in all areas, not just on the field – building a team for The Championship – but off the field as well. Part of this investment is a new state-of-the-art ticketing and stadium control system provided by Advanced Ticketing and TeamCard. We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Advanced Ticketing and TeamCard on this exciting project.” 

The move to paper-less ticketing comes at an exciting time for Brentford FC with their promotion to the Championship and new stadium around the corner. From our first engagement it was clear that Brentford is committed to providing the very best experience it can for its fans.  Advanced Ticketing is delighted to have the opportunity to help them realise this vision through technology. The combination of TALENT Sport from Advanced Ticketing and TeamCard provides an enhanced match day experience, with secure and easier access into the stadium, reduced queuing time around the ground and the opportunity for Brentford FC to reward its most loyal season ticket holders and members.” – Mark Dewell, Managing Director, Advanced Ticketing

“We’d like to congratulate Brentford FC on their promotion to the Sky Bet Championship and their strategic decision to improve the match day experience for all fans with the deployment of TeamCard. This opens up a raft of convenience features whilst acknowledging and rewarding the fans support. This investment sets the scene for the planned move to Lionel Road and in technology terms, puts Brentford alongside the biggest and the best in the land.”

Randal McLister, Managing Director, Scotcomms Technology Group 

Using TeamCard, Brentford Football Club will have the ability to engage with faithful supporters on every level, and improve and enhance the overall fan experience this season, as well as in seasons to come.

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