The Next Evolution of TeamCard Loyalty

TeamCard Loyalty is evolving. In line with online trends and changes to customer requirements, the TeamCard loyalty platform is heading to the next level, including the launch of a brand new TeamCard APP, available on iOS and Android!

The APP will give cardholders the chance to keep up with all TeamCard related activity. The TeamCard APP will feature cardholder points’ balances and points related spend activity, match and event attendance, as well as tickets and entitlements not yet used. We’re also updating our TeamCard website, which will now feature the same great updates you’ll see using the TeamCard APP, as well as featuring specific club offers, many of which will only be available to TeamCard holders.

The strongest and most exciting change for the clubs will come in the form of a greater ability to engage with third parties with regards to loyalty. Whether they want to explore strong local high-street relationships or engage with sponsors or suppliers, we will now offer a straightforward loyalty facility to empower all our clients to do so, on their own terms.

Along with these updates to the TeamCard website, we’ll be removing the online store on TeamStreet. Cardholders will still receive all the current benefits of TeamCard at their club, including the ability to earn points for purchases within the club shop and spend their points against future purchases.

TeamCard has always sought to evolve based upon the reality of what works well and what does not. The reshaping of our offering focuses on the successful components and is intended to empower our clients to provide their cardholders with the best and most useful tools while offering opportunities for the club to use the system in a more strategic way.

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