Stoke City host latest TeamCard Forum

Scotcomms recently held the latest in a series of TeamCard forums, this year gathering Ticket Office Managers from across our client clubs to share their news and views on the TeamCard system. Held at Stoke City Football Club, the forum was designed to create an opportunity for department managers to share the various ways in which they have successfully utilised the TeamCard platform.

Though the day’s discussions centred predominantly upon the use of Members cards for access, Stoke City Marketing Executive, Lewis Carroll, was on hand to share a comprehensive review of his club’s approach to expanding membership using the TeamCard system. The club have implemented a marketing and ticketing strategy that has resulted in the collection of data from over 40 thousand new member registrations since season start. (See full story here)

“One of the key objectives of any sports marketer is to listen to colleagues from across the sector. Great ideas often form from group discussions and dialogues, the forum proved an ideal platform for this. We take the platform very seriously here at Stoke City Football Club and are currently developing innovative ways to engage and interact with our supporters.¬†

In summary, the forum was a perfect way to share creative ideas and we took away many superb initiatives that we will work into our supporter ticketing and loyalty strategy”

Lewis Carroll, Stoke City Marketing Executive 

Each club has individual requirements. By getting everyone in one room, we offer our clients a chance to share their ideas on how to best use the TeamCard system to gain the greatest benefits, from their unique perspective. Greater knowledge and insight leads inevitably to better, more strategic business decisions, for our clients and for us. Knowing our customers’ needs and fully understanding their goals gives us the ability to continue to provide them with the best tools for the job.

A special thanks to Stoke City Football Club for hosting this year’s event and to our own Jenny Haughton for taking the initiative on this topic.

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