Triple points promotion at Sheffield Wednesday – a huge success!

Sheffield Wednesday fans were treated to a recent Match Day Triple Points promotion, held at the Owls Megastore at Hillsborough Stadium. With an offering of three times the normal points award, Sheffield Wednesday season ticket holders, members and foundation members were able to earn 15 points with every £1 spent. The promotion resulted in an increase in sales of 55% over the previous match day.

The benefits of a points incentive such as this are three-fold; Supporters are recognised and rewarded for their patronage with what effectively amounts to a 15% discount in store, the club obviously benefit from the increased number of purchases, and beyond driving additional footfall into their retail outlet on a matchday, Sheffield Wednesday can look forward to repeat business from supporters who return to spend their accumulated points. On average, a purchase made using a points redemption will typically be four times the value of the redeemed points.

Clubs also have the option of offering ‘money-can’t-buy’ redemption opportunities, rather than exchanging points for a straight exchange for goods, which gives them an opportunity to creatively engage with fans further still.

For more information about the benefits of loyalty and points related promotions see the TeamCard white paper on Loyalty Points vs. Discounting.

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