Card Media: Smart Vs. Barcode

It may be highly controversial for the company who first put smart cards into football in 2000, to deliver their third generation product using barcoded cards rather than RFID smart cards. Could it be that smart cards aren’t that smart after all; in this paper we outline the case for this pragmatic change of strategy. Why smart cards came about in sport: Initially smart cards were selected for this sector because most IT systems were off-line and what was needed…

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Chelsea Football Club Museum entrance

Loyalty Points Vs. Discounting

In this paper, the case for the economic benefits of using a loyalty scheme as opposed to a discount incentive is examined. In terms of loyalty to a brand, sports organisations have an unassailable advantage over other commercial entities, such as supermarkets, for the simple reason that a sports brand delivers an emotive relationship, where a supermarket simply retains a commercial one. However, maintaining commercial loyalty internally at a sports club is still a challenge as the off- pitch attraction…

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STG Scotcomms Technology Group

Scotcomms Goes Platinum

Without any fanfare or celebrations, the clock simply ticked over to find the Scotcomms Technology Group is now 20 years strong. This past August marked two decades of success, expansion and change for STG. The company has enjoyed such significant change and so many milestones, this one seems to have passed with almost no notice at all. The fact remains, however, twenty years on and Scotcomms Technology Group is thriving and still continues to grow. When we finally got around…

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